2/19/04 Incline Meeting

Meeting Info:
Thursday, February 19, 2004 at 3:30 P.M.
US Forest Service Office - 601S. Weber

Bill Nelson, Tim Grantham, Jeffrey Hovermale (Forest Service)
Vic Ecklund, Neal Ehrenfelt, Eric Howell and Kristin Bricker (Colorado Springs Utilities)
Kyle Hybl, Doug Doan and Spencer Wren (COG Railway)
Rich Havel (El Paso County Parks)
Matt Carpenter (Friends of the Peak)
Ken Jaray (Facilitator)


  1. Development of a reclamation plan (who will do it, what will it costs, when will it be done?)
  2. Review and approval process
  3. Cost of Reclamation (who will pay?)
  4. Timing of the reclamation process
  5. Public relations needed
  6. Other
  7. Next meeting

Meeting Summary:
Development of a reclamation plan: The participants agreed that some type of written reclamation plan needs to be developed. CSU did receive a proposal in 1997 dealing with some reclamation issues. The proposal was for $37,600 and was not acted upon due to the costs. The participants agreed that it might be possible to develop a plan utilizing the expertise of the Forest Service and CSU. It was agreed that both organizations would involve appropriate individuals to attend an on site visit to assess the current situation and offer suggestions for reclamation efforts. Jeff H. and Vic. E. offered to provide some assistance in developing a written plan based upon the input from these individuals after the on site meeting.

Review and approval of the plan: Bill Nelson indicated that once the participants developed a plan, it would not need to go through any other approval process.

Cost of reclamation: Until a plan is developed, it is not possible to develop cost estimates. Matt C. did indicate that some funding may be available from the Friends of the Peak. Other sources of funding might be grants, corporate or government participation as well as individual contributions.

Timing of the reclamation process: It was generally agreed that the reclamation effort will need to be done in phases. The most likely initial phase would be the entry points to the Incline. It is hoped that with some significant visible reclamation along with signs explaining the reclamation process and timing, hikers would be more likely to stay off the Incline to allow the reclamation process to be successful.

Public relations and public participation: Kristin B. offered to talk with Wanda Reeves to determine what might be done to assist with the public relations efforts and secure public involvement. Ken Jaray would also be available to assist with these efforts as the facilitator of the process. It may be possible to include the City Forestry office and the Arbor Day event as one method of securing public participation. The Community Focus Fund of CSU may also be a possible source of help. John Valentine and Chris Leiber may be possible contacts as well.

Next meeting: The next meeting will be held during the week of April 13th and will involve a hike up the Incline to assess the current conditions as well as to begin the process of developing a reclamation plan. Bill Nelson will coordinate the date with Vic E. depending on the availability of Forest Service and CSU staff.

Submitted by:
Ken Jaray

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